How video games can save the world

A few people are talking about this, and I am a subscriber to this myself. Here, in front of a group of IGAD (that’s International Game Architecture and Design) students, I give a second attempt at this talk I first gave as a keynote at the NEoN festival conference back in November.

In a nutshell: It’s very important that we human beings keep playing games, because we basically have to do this to grow up. And if we do not grow up, the world is doomed.

If you would like to talk at a Never Ending Conference in Breda, Netherlands (free accommodation and travel) please get in touch. We hold four such one day conferences every year. The next one is special as it is combined with our graduation festival, and will star Paul “astz” McGarrity (professional award winning gamer) and Brian Baglow (video games PR man extraordinaire).

You can talk about anything; the main aim is always to stimulate thought. Students are also invited to speak.

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