Data Orientated Design and Abstraction hand in hand?

This is interesting, especially as it is an example of what I have been going on about to the point of desperation on behalf of myself and those unfortunate enough to suffer my ramblings.

It is actually very possible to embrace both data orientated design and functionality orientated design within the same project, with appropriate abstractions to make it all work. Featured here is a middle ware engine that appears to do exactly that. (ed: The basis of me saying this is not that the engine is “Data Driven”, but that it was constructed using a Data Orientated Design philosophy, as is mentioned in the talk. See comments).

But do you remember Renderware? Before Criterion were bought out by the Empire to be dismantled and effectively prevented the potential goodness that was to come from reaching the grubby hands of rebel game developers, they were about to release Renderware Studio. This promised a lot of high speed iteration and live modification of content in a running game, some of the same themes we see here.

2 Responses to “Data Orientated Design and Abstraction hand in hand?”

  1. Ashkan Says:

    As much as I share your point of view on the possibility and plausibility of abstraction and data orientation going hand in hand, I thought I should as well point out that Data-Driven Design != Data-Oriented Design. Instead of going over the difference, I refer you to

    • Dino Dini Says:

      Indeed. The engine in question is data driven, but during the talk the speaker mentions that data orientated design is the basis of the construction of the engine. I should have, perhaps, made this clear; I was not thinking of “data driven” even though that features in the talk title. I find it interesting to combine the concepts of data driven and data orientated design together, as one tends to make the other harder. This is of course where abstraction comes into play, the most significant of which in that engine is the decoupling over a network interface, particularly for tools.

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