The little game development course that can

Great news today, as a group of students (calling themselves Happy Candy Co.) of our game development course picked up the $25,000 prize for Best Game Design at the 2011 Independent Propeller Awards, with Chewy.

What makes this particularly remarkable is that this is a student submission of a project embarked on by IGAD (International Game Architecture and Design) students as part of their degree studies. In our bachelor degree, a very important part is something called “Gamelab” where we emulate as much as possible the realities of real world video game development. Chewy started out as a second year project, and eventually was continued as a third year project.

So, these are students, still yet to graduate, who with the help of our guidance have beaten off not only games from other game academies, but also those of independent professionals. Certainly this is a tribute to the students concerned, but also to our brilliant staff at IGAD, who make use of all their real world professional experience to help students reach their full potential.

Our degree program is still young (currently in its 5th year), but an enormous amount of passionate effort has been put into the program by teachers and staff. This prize, along with honourable mentions for  Organic Chemlab (2011 Propeller Awards) and EXP (2011 IGF Student competition) is great validation for us, and I am proud to play my part in it.

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