Brief update on the new football management project

A quick update. I am currently converting the original PM source from 68000 to C. To do this I am using a bit awk script. Currently I have translated BALL.ASM and CONTROL.ASM (the ball code and the game state machine). I am working on KEEPER.ASM right now… the goal keeper code.

Awk is parsing the original assembler code and performing assembler macro expansions as well. It outputs each of the opcodes as a C macro call, so that I can emulate the 68000 directly as c source. This way I am actually recompiling the original game in C. When I am done, it will allow porting to many platforms easily. This approach also allows me to replace any emulated 68000 with more readable C code at any time. It should also allow me to port Kick Off 2 and GOAL! later, and update them… so if this approach works it should be a big win.

This was not the approach I was taking when I announced the project last summer… a few months ago I changed plan when I located the original source code to the games. It will take a while to complete the conversion (quite a bit of debugging to do even when the conversion is completed!), and I can’t give an ETA. It will be done when it’s done.




11 Responses to “Brief update on the new football management project”

  1. The Man Says:

    Awk, nice tool. Kick Off 2, awesome game. Thanks and good work.

  2. Darren Says:

    Hows it going ??

  3. filippodb Says:

    Later you should buy this toy just reviewed today:

    and test kick off and Goal on the ipad with this dev documentation:

    the official page is here:

    it has 8 buttons so enough to change tactics, players and have replays 😉

  4. Danny Says:

    As a massive fan who grew up with the Kick-Off series on Amiga, I wish you the best of luck with this and hope you can see the project through – if only so I can contribute something else toward you for all the pleasure your games brought me.

  5. filippodb Says:

    new atari controller available soon:


  6. flyphone Says:

    Are there any good news ? :))

  7. Sébastien Sénégas Says:

    Any news about status…

  8. Vincze73 Says:

    it is done when it is done…. please do not become a vaporware…

    • Dino Dini Says:

      If I were a company, I could get it done quickly. But I am not, in effect I am making the game for nothing and then hope it sells enough to pay for my time. This is less than ideal and means it’s at a lower priority than, for example, my job. But I am working on it, and hopefully, eventually, it will get done.

  9. DIJRP Says:

    … please destroy FIFA series. FIFA 12 is unplayable, we wants something like GOAL!…

    best regards,

  10. Andy33 Says:

    Best approch so far in order to mantain the same identity of the original game, great !

    Just hope one day to see an AmigaOS4 native version !

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