Buggy Wars

Buggy Wars is a networked off road combat racing game. It features very convincing physics while at the same time being very controllable and fun. Well at least I find it fun. Will you? That’s the point of the test.

If you want to take part in this networked game, I am about to open it up to a limited pre-alpha test. The game is ready, I just need enough players to make the test worthwhile, but not too many, to prevent me getting flooded with information and suggestions and so on. The feedback I get will help shape the game’s development.

The pre-alpha test will launch when I have enough players for the test. In the meantime, you can sign up here. The game will be released only on the web at first and will require a PC or Mac to play.


PC Racing  & Combat from the creator of Kick Off 2 & GOAL! There, that’s the marketing done.

Sign Up

P.S. All art is placeholder, given that I have no budget for art. But who needs graphics when you can have Fun!

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    […] up for the Alpha HERE // […]

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